Monday, September 16, 2013


What's New?


The biggest change here at my shop has been that my lovely talented sister, Casey, has joined the team. I've already listed some of her beaded jewelry on our shop. (See her necklaces here and her bracelets here.) She still has many more pieces of jewelry that haven't been listed yet (we will get that done once we're done with farmer's markets for this year, which brings me to the next update.)

We have been setting up booth at a local farmer's market in Kaysville, Utah. Anyone from Northern Utah, especially Davis County, be sure to stop by next Thursday, which will be our last day at the market! For our last week setting up a booth, we will be having a huge sale on both crocheted and beaded items! All crochet hats, gloves, and produce bags will be 40% off their regular price and all jewelry will be a whopping 50% off. We're so excited to be able to offer these fantastic sale prices to those who visit the market! Also available to those who come are coupons for 20% off an online purchase from us. For more info on the farmer's market (including when and where), see here

I'm working on finishing up some crochet patterns for scarves and hats. I will be needing pattern testers. If interested, please e-mail for more information. I will have an official call for testers here on the blog once I have some patterns finished and photographs of the finished products. 

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