About The Quiet Koala

Why call do I call my blog/shop The Quiet Koala?

Well there are three reasons for that:
  1. I'm quiet. I always have been and there's nothing wrong with that. It's just part of what makes me me.
  2. Koalas are cute! And one of my favorite toys as a child was a stuffed animal/puppet koala. And koalas are pretty quiet right? I don't really know much about them, but they look like pretty content animals to me. (I could be wrong about the quiet thing though, but what do they sound like really?) This is why I chose a koala to represent my blog and shop.
  3. It just sounds good! They don't start with the same  letter, but both "quiet" and "koala" start with the same sound (called alliteration, there's your English lesson for the day). So it kinda has a ring to it, or at least I think it does. I'm hoping this makes it easier for my readers and customers to remember me.

The Team

Carly Conover - owner, operator, crocheter, photographer, designer, and administrator

Casey Conover - Jeweler, Photographer, Staff Member

Courtney Conover - Occaisional staff member, jeweler, and photographer

More coming soon! All about me, my goals, and The Quiet Koala!

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