Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Fall is Fantastic

I'm not the biggest fan of the colder weather, but there are some great perks to Fall! The first (and possibly best) is pumpkin flavored everything! I LOVE all the pumpkin desserts in the Fall. The other day I made super yummy pumpkin spice hot chocolate. That stuff was like pumpkin pie in a cup! Except with a bit of chocolate taste. I got mixed reviews from my family though (some thought it was too pumpkin-y). I thought it was the best hot beverage I've ever had. I've also tried Decaf Pumpkin Spice tea from Stash. Great fall tea, but not as strong of a pumpkin flavor as I had hoped for. I've got a whole list of pumpkin recipes I'm waiting to try this fall!

Okay this post is getting to be a little too much about pumpkin than I had anticipated. The next great thing about fall is the scarves and hats and gloves! I love making them and I get more in the mood to make more when it's cold outside. I probably have around ten WIPs right now, and that's just counting the scarves, hats, and gloves! It's bad. I need to finish them. I have a tendency to  get overly excited about new yarn and I just HAVE to do something with it as soon as I get it. So I end up putting off unfinished projects so I can work with my new yarn. I actually do have a couple (adorable) chunky infinity scarves to photograph and get in the shop. Also hats. I have hats I need to photograph, too.

My last, but not least, favorite thing about Fall is the colors. I get so inspired by the changing colors of the leaves. One of my in-progress chunky infinity scarves has beautiful red, brown, and gold tones. It's like a wearable pile of colorful fall leaves. Okay actually don't think of it like that. It's way more comfy than dry, crunchy, fallen leaves. 

I promise I'm going to work very hard to get my chunky infinity scarves in the shop so you guys can see them! They really are great. I just hope my photography skills will be good enough to capture their brilliance.


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