Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Coupon Code!

Hello Everyone!

I have a spectacular opportunity for you! Next week is Thanksgiving. And that means Black Friday! So for one day only I am going to activate a coupon code that will take 15% off your order from my Etsy shop. I will activate it for Black Friday only! It will only be available until 11:59 pm on Friday November 23 (Mountain time). I will activate the code around midnight the night before.

So how about I give you the code now? It's BlackFri15 and will take 15% off of your order. (But remember, it will only be activated for Black Friday, no sooner and no later.) There will be more items in the shop by then but hurry as they will go fast! I am working on some Christmas scarves that will be available for Black Friday. Also I will have a pin variation on the crochet flower hair clips, so you can pin the flowers on scarves, hats, blouses, purses, or anything else your heart desires! There will be crochet bow rings too! I've also been thinking about making some crochet mustache rings for the shop. Anybody interested in that? Pictures of all these new products will be coming one at a time as soon as I have them done!

Remember to visit my shop on Black Friday and get some of your Christmas shopping done! The rings, pins, and hair clips make great cute little gifts or stocking stuffers! And don't forget to add the coupon code for 15% off!

Lots of Love,

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