Sunday, November 18, 2012

New Holiday Items in Shop Now!


I've just finished stocking my shop with several new items! I am very excited for the Christmas season and your orders! Here's photos and links to all of today's new products:

Remember these? They used to only be available as hair clips, but now you can buy them as pins too!

Holiday colors of my crochet flowers. These are available as hair clips or pins!

The backing and pin are hand sewn onto the flower :)

This is my new favorite! It is a chunky infinity scarf. And it is soooooo incredibly soft!

If only you could touch it! Would would agree with me on how soft it is :)

Remember to use the coupon code BlackFri15 to get 15% off your order from my shop when you order on Black Friday! That's in 5 days! 

Please share my shop and/or blog with your friends! There's no reason to keep all this goodness to yourself is there? :)


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