Sunday, November 11, 2012

Etsy Shop Now Open!

Good Evening!

I have good news. My Etsy shop is now open! I don't have much available yet, but I will be working on building my shop inventory and finding new things to provide for you. Here's pictures of what I have available in my shop as of now:

The Treble Scarf (Pattern in previous post) 

Crochet flower clips (in set of 3 or individually)

Here's the back. It's all hand sewn onto the flower. 

Crochet bow clips (okay this pic is just the bows, just to show the color options) These come in set of 3 or individually

See? It's a hair clip. Hand sewn.

And the front of that looks like this. 

And last but not least, custom paintings for decor. The customer (you) chooses the color and word. These are custom made to order.

So come check out my shop! Click here or search for The Quiet Koala on Etsy. Any updates about new items, sold out items, new color options, or sold out color options will be posted here as well as at my shop. I would love to hear about any ideas you have or things you would like to see in my shop!


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