Thursday, November 15, 2012

Scarf or Blanket?

Hello World!

I've been working on something new to put in the shop! I thought it was going to be a flowery scarf. As I've been working on it though, it's turning out to be pretty heavy for a scarf. It would be good as a blanket though, but I would have to get more yarn to make it big enough. So the question is, do I keep working and make it a blanket or put it on hold and use the rest of the yarn for a couple scarves? Decisions, decisions... Either way it will still end up in the shop. Take a look:

I've been making a bunch of little puffy flowers and sewing them together.

Here's a close up, the first picture is more true to the actual colors though.

The Christmasy colors a great right? I like them :) And I think the puffy flowers are really cute!

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